Biotransformation of Organic Wastes, Protection of Soil and Agricultural Crops

The overall objective of this research subline is to contribute to the protection of soil, water and crops through the use of bioremediation technologies low cost and promoting sustainable farming systems development through environmentally friendly alternatives. This purpose is approached from three perspectives: 1) the development of bioremediation processes that favor the biotransformation, recycling through vermicomposting and recovery of organic waste and the development of biotechnologies low cost for the prevention and protection soil and water against organic pollutants; 2) the development of an Integrated Pest Control in agro-ecosystems; and 3) development of methods for evaluating and maintaining biodiversity in sustainable agro-ecosystems.


organic wastes, inorganic wastes, vermicomposting, soil protection, organic matter, bioremediation, pesticides, organic contaminants, sorption, degradation, mobility, microbial community structure, metabolic and genetics biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration, agricultural sustainable management, plant protection, pests, biological control, biodiversity protection.


Grupo de Investigación Asociado