Environmental Protection

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The overall goal of this Department is to contribute to soil and crop protection through the sustainable development of agricultural systems. Research approaches involve: (i) the development and optimization of the processes that favour the recovery of urban and agroindustrial wastes, as well as the development of technology for the prevention and protection of soil against pollutants, (ii) the design of molecular strategies to remove pollutants from soils and waters, in particular in processes related to rhizoremediation, and (iii) the development of an integrated management of pests in agroecosystems. The department is well integrated in the socio-economic layers of the province of Granada and Andalusia, and has several links with productive sectors.


Research Groups:


Lines of research:

  • Organic wastes: Biotransformation and agricultural and environmental uses.
  • Soil protection: Dynamics of pesticides, organic and inorganic contaminants and decontamination.
  • Biodegradation and phytoremediation of xenobiotics.
  • Sustainability of agrosystems.
  • Integrated management of pests in agroecosystems.