Lyophilized specimens

Since 2009, EEZ owns a permanent exhibit of lyophilized mushrooms, plants and animals, obtained through a proprietary method. Currently, the mushroom collection, for example, is composed of 25 methacrylate containers, with a total number of specimens around 150.

The methodology used allows maintaining unaltered the shape and characteristics of the samples, preserving them for a long time, provided they are not exposed to moisture. The use of these specimens is intended for educational and outreach purposes, to be exhibited in museums, schools, etc.


The service can be provided in different ways:

  1. Lyophilized specimens exhibit. Including transport, set up and dismantling of the exhibit.
  2. 1 + Explanatory talk by the technical personnel in charge. Price includes travel expenses.
  3. 1 + Talk and attending visitors during the exhibit.
  4. On-demand lyophilization. Includes sample preparation, freezing and lyophilization. Optionally, sample mounting for exhibition can be included.

The service is channeled through the Science Outreach Unit, where prices for each type of activity can also be consulted.