Phisiology and Biochemistry of the Animal Nutrition

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The overall objective of this Department is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable, efficient, environmentally friendly animal production systems able to yield high-quality food products. This final goal is pursued through an improved understanding of the physiological and biochemical processes related with nutrients utilization in livestock and birds.

Research Groups:

Notice: On June 1, 2017 the Group Bioavailability of Minerals is integrated in Group of Animal Nutrition.

Lines of Research

  • Metabolism of nutrients and energy in the animal’s organism, its organs and tissues: effects on the animal’s development and on the quality of its products. Nutritive evaluation. Energy and nutritional requirements.
  • Metabolism and ecology of animal-microbe interactions within the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Study of the mechanisms of action and biological effects of chemical fractions of foodstuffs, bioactive compounds and metabolic modifiers.
  • Mineral availability and metabolism.