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A research and technology valuation model for decision analysis in the environmental and renewable energy sectors
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 
Valdivia, M.; Galan, J.L.; Laffarga, J.; Ramos, J.L.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Complete genome sequence of Sinorhizobium meliloti strain AK21, a salt-tolerant isolate from the aral sea region
Microbiology Resource Announcements 
Jiménez-Zurdo, J.I.; Martínez-Abarca, F.; Cobo-Díaz, J.F.; López-Contreras, J.A.; Fernández-López, M.; Toro, N.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Effect of urease and nitrification inhibitors on ammonia volatilization and abundance of N-cycling genes in an agricultural soil
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 
Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; González-López, J.; Vallejo, A.; Bedmar, E.J.. (2020). [Volumen: 183 - Páginas: 99. 109]

Breaking free from home: biofilm dispersal by a glycosidase from Desulfovibrio vulgaris
Environmental Microbiology 
Wettstadt, S.. (2020). [Volumen: 22 - Páginas: 557. 558]

Uptake and transformation of decabromodiphenyl ether in different rice cultivars: Evidence from a carbon-14 study
Science of the Total Environment 
Zhao, P.; Ye, Q.; Yu, K.; Whalen, J.K.; Rajesh Kumar, R.; Cheng, X.; Delgado-Moreno, L.; Wang, W.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

High-quality genome-scale metabolic modelling of Pseudomonas putida highlights its broad metabolic capabilities
Environmental Microbiology 
Nogales, J.; Mueller, J.; Gudmundsson, S.; Canalejo, F.J.; Duque, E.; Monk, J; Feist, AM; Ramos, J.L.; Niu, W; Palsson, BO. (2020). [Volumen: 22 - Páginas: 255. 269]

Microvirga sp. symbiovar mediterranense nodulates Lupinus cosentinii grown wild in Morocco
Journal of Applied Microbiology 
Missbah El Idrissi, M.; Lamin, H.; ElFaik, S.; Tortosa, G.; Peix, A.; Bedmar, E.J.; Abdelmoumen, H.. (2020). [Volumen: 128 - Páginas: 1109. 1118]

Antihypertensive effects of virgin olive oil (Unfiltered) low molecular weight peptides with ace inhibitory activity in spontaneously hypertensive rats
Alcaide-Hidalgo, J.M.; Romero, M.; Duarte, J.; López-huertas, E.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Metagenomic analyses uncover the differential effect of azide treatment on bacterial community structure by enriching a specific Cyanobacteria present in a saline-alkaline environmental sample
International Microbiology 
Aguirre-Garrido, J.F.; Martínez-Abarca, F.; Montiel-Lugo, D.; Hernández-Soto, L.M.; Ramírez-Saad, H.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Radial water transport in arbuscular mycorrhizal maize plants under drought stress conditions is affected by indole-acetic acid (IAA) application
Journal of Plant Physiology 
Quiroga, G.; Erice, G.; Aroca, R.; Zamarreño, Á.M.; García-Mina, J.M.; Ruiz-Lozano, J.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Ruminal fermentation, growth rate and methane production in sheep fed diets including white clover, soybean meal or Porphyra sp.
Lind, V.; Weisbjerg, M.R.; Jørgensen, G.M.; Fernandez-Yepes, J.E.; Arbesú, L.; Molina-Alcaide, E.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Narrow-leafed lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.) seeds gamma-conglutin is an anti-inflammatory protein promoting insulin resistance improvement and oxidative stress amelioration in PANC-1 pancreatic cell-line
Lima-Cabello, E.; Alché, J.D.; Morales-Santana, S.; Clemente, A.; Jimenez-Lopez, J.C.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Showing their mettle: extraradical mycelia of arbuscular mycorrhizae form a metal filter to improve host Al tolerance and P nutrition
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 
Seguel, A.; Meier, F.; Azcón, R.; Valentine, A.; Meriño-Gergichevich, C.; Cornejo, P.; Aguilera, P.; Borie, F.. (2020). [Volumen: 100 - Páginas: 803. 810]

Characterization of the bacteriocins and the PrtR regulator in a plant-associated Pseudomonas strain
Journal of Biotechnology 
Fernández, M.C.; Godino, A.; Príncipe, A.; López Ramírez, V.; Quesada, J.M.; Rigo, V.; Espinosa-Urgel, M.; Morales, G.M.; Fischer, S.. (2020). [Volumen: 307 - Páginas: 182. 192]

Exploring the effect of composting technologies on the recovery of hydrocarbon contaminated soil post chemical oxidative treatment
Applied Soil Ecology 
Medina, R.; Fernández-González, A.J.; García-Rodríguez, F.M.; Villadas, P.J.; Rosso, J.A.; Fernández-López, M.; Del Panno, M.T.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Chemical fertilization: a short-term solution for plant productivity?
Microbial Biotechnology 
Molina-Santiago, C.; Matilla, M.A.. (2020). [Volumen: - - Páginas: -. ]

Expression analysis and functional characterization of two PHT1 family phosphate transporters in ryegrass
Parra-Almuna, L.; Pontigo, S.; Larama, G.; Cumming, J.R.; Pérez-Tienda, J.; Ferrol, N.; de la Luz Mora, M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Histochemical and Molecular Quantification of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Symbiosis
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 
García, J.M.; Pozo, M.J.; López-Ráez, J.A.. (2020). [Volumen: 2083 - Páginas: 293. 299]

Assessment of the diversity and abundance of the total and active fungal population and its correlation with humification during two-phase olive mill waste (‘‘alperujo”) composting
Bioresource Technology 
Tortosa, G.; Torralbo, F.; Maza-Márquez, P.; Aranda, E.; Calvo, C.; González-Murua, C.; Bedmar, E.J.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Nitric oxide improves tolerance to arsenic stress in Isatis cappadocica desv. Shoots by enhancing antioxidant defenses
Souri, Z.; Karimi, N.; Farooq, M.A.; Sandalio, L.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access
Global Change Biology 
Jens Kattge; Jose L. Garrido; camarero, j.j.; et al (738).. (2020). [Volumen: 26 - Páginas: 119. 188]

Effect of nitrogen fertilisers on nitrous oxide emission, nitrifier and denitrifier abundance and bacterial diversity in closed ecological systems
Applied Soil Ecology 
Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; Correa-Galeote, D.; González-López, J.; Bedmar, E.J.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Training bacteria to produce environmentally friendly polymers of industrial and medical relevance
Microbial Biotechnology 
Huertas, M.J.; Matilla, M.A.. (2020). [Volumen: 13 - Páginas: 14. 16]

Virgin olive oil (unfiltered) extract contains peptides and possesses ACE inhibitory and antihypertensive activity
Clinical Nutrition 
Alcaide-Hidalgo, J.M.; Margalef, M.; Bravo, F.I.; Muguerza, B.; López-Huertas, E.. (2020). [Volumen: - - Páginas: -. ]

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