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Effects of virgin olive oils differing in their bioactive compound contents on metabolic syndrome and endothelial functional risk Biomarkers in Healthy Adults: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Trial
Sánchez-Rodríguez, E.; Lima-Cabello, E.; Biel-Glesson, S.; Fernández-Navarro, J.R.; Calleja, M.A.; Roca, M.; Espejo-Calvo, J.A.; Gil-Extremera, B.; Soria-Florido, M.; de la Torre, R.; Fito, M.; Covas, M.I.; Alché, J.D.; Martínez de Victoria, E.; Gil, A.; Mesa, M.D.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Multiple CsrA proteins control key virulence traits in Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 
Ferreiro, M.D.; Nogales, J.; Farias, G.A.; Olmedilla, A.; Sanjuán, J.; Gallegos, M.T.. (2018). [Volumen: 31 - Páginas: 525. 536]

Accurate and easy method for systemin quantification and examining metabolic changes under different endogenous levels
Plant Methods 
Pastor, V.; Sánchez-Bel, P.; Gamir, J.; Pozo, M.J.; Flors, V.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

The arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Rhizophagus irregularis uses a reductive iron assimilation pathway for high-affinity iron uptake
Environmental Microbiology 
Tamayo, E.; Knight, S.A.B.; Valderas, A.; Dancis, A.; Ferrol, N.. (2018). [Volumen: 20 - Páginas: 1857. 1872]

An sRNA and cold shock protein homolog-based feedforward loop post-transcriptionally controls cell cycle master regulator ctrA
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Robledo, M.; Schlüter, J.P.; Loehr, L.O.; Linne, U.; Albaum, S.P.; Jiménez-Zurdo, J.I.; Becker, A.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Heterologous expression of rhizobial CelC2 cellulase impairs symbiotic signaling and nodulation in Medicago truncatula
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 
Robledo, M.; Menéndez, E.; Jiménez-Zurdo, J.I.; Rivas, R.; Velázquez, E.; Martínez-Molina, E.; Oldroyd, G.; Mateos, P.F.. (2018). [Volumen: 31 - Páginas: 568. 575]

Effects of modifications to retain protozoa in continuous-culture fermenters on ruminal fermentation, microbial populations, and microbial biomass assessed by two different methods
Animal Feed Science and Technology 
Cabeza-Luna, I.; Carro, M.D.; Fernández-Yepes, J.; Molina-Alcaide, E.. (2018). [Volumen: 240 - Páginas: 117. 127]

Contribution of mobile group II introns to Sinorhizobium meliloti genome evolution
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Toro, N.; Martínez-Abarca, F.; Molina-Sánchez, M.D.; García-Rodríguez, F.M.; Nisa-Martínez, R.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Zinc fertilizers influence greenhouse gas emissions and nitrifying and denitrifying communities in a non-irrigated arable cropland
Montoya, M.; Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; Vallejo, A.; Álvarez, J.M.; Bedmar, E.J.; Recio, J.; Guardia, G.. (2018). [Volumen: 325 - Páginas: 208. 217]

Regulation of carbohydrate degradation pathways in Pseudomonas involves a versatile set of transcriptional regulators
Microbial Biotechnology 
Udaondo, Z.; Ramos, J.L.; Segura, A.; Krell, T.; Daddaoua, A.. (2018). [Volumen: 11 - Páginas: 442. 454]

Autophagy-related approaches for improving nutrient use efficiency and crop yield protection
Journal of Experimental Botany 
Avin-Wittenberg, T.; Baluška, F.; Bozhkov, P.V.; Elander, P.H.; Fernie, A.R.; Galili, G.; Hassan, A.; Hofius, D.; Isono, E.; Le Bars, R.; Masclaux-Daubresse, C.; Minina, E.A.; Peled-Zehavi, H.; Coll, N.S.; Sandalio, L.M.; Satiat-Jeunemaitre, B.; Sirko, A.; Testillano, P.S.; Batoko, H.. (2018). [Volumen: 69 - Páginas: 1335. 1353]

Functional diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities is reduced by trace element contamination
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 
López-García, Á.; Gil-Martínez, M.; Navarro-Fernández, C.M.; Kjøller, R.; Azcón-Aguilar, C.; Domínguez, M.T.; Marañón, T.. (2018). [Volumen: 121 - Páginas: 202. 211]

Application of a potentiometric electronic tongue for assessing phenolic and volatile profiles of Arbequina extra virgin olive oils
LWT - Food Science and Tecnology 
Borges, T.H.; Peres, A.M.; Dias, L.G.; Seiquer, I.; Pereira, J.A.. (2018). [Volumen: 93 - Páginas: 150. 157]

Maize endophytic bacterial diversity as affected by soil cultivation history
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Correa-Galeote, D.; Bedmar, E.J.; Arone, G.J.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Whole-genome sequences of two Arthrobacter strains isolated from a holm oak rhizosphere affected by wildfire
genome announcements 
Fernández-González, A.J.; Lasa, A.V.; Fernández-López, M.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Evaluation of two different methods to measure the effects of the management regime on the olive-canopy arthropod community
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 
Morente, M.; Campos, M.; Ruano, F.. (2018). [Volumen: 259 - Páginas: 111. 118]

Exploring the (almost) unknown: Archaeal two-component systems
Journal of Bacteriology 
Krell, T.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Detection of bacterial infection in melon plants by classification methods based on imaging data
Frontiers in Plant Science 
Pineda, M.; Pérez-Bueno, M.L.; Barón, M.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Impacts of domestication on the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis of 27 crop species
New Phytologist 
Martín-Robles, N.; Lehmann, A.; Seco, E.; Aroca, R.; Rillig, M.C.; Milla, R.. (2018). [Volumen: 218 - Páginas: 322. 334]

Purple corn-associated rhizobacteria with potential for plant growth promotion
Journal of Applied Microbiology 
Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; Pérez-Tapia, V.; Bedmar, E.J.; Santillana, N.. (2018). [Volumen: 124 - Páginas: 1254. 1264]

Involvement of the def-1 Mutation in the Response of Tomato Plants to Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis under Well-Watered and Drought Conditions
Plant and Cell Physiology 
Sánchez-Romera, B.; Calvo-Polanco, M.; Ruiz-Lozano, J.M.; Zamarreño, Á.M.; Arbona, V.; García-Mina, J.M.; Gómez-Cadenas, A.; Aroca, R.. (2018). [Volumen: 59 - Páginas: 248. 261]

Performance and carcass characteristics of immunocastrated and surgically castrated Iberian pigs fed diets of different protein concentration. Preliminary results Índices productivos y características de la canal de cerdos Ibéricos inmunocastrados o castrados quirúrgicamente y alimentados con dietas de diferente concentración proteica. Resultados preliminares
Archivos de Zootecnia 
Seiquer, I.; Palma-Granados, P.; Lachica, M.; Lara, L.; Fernández-Fígares, I.; Haro, A.; Nieto, R.. (2018). [Volumen: 2018 - Páginas: 101. 104]

Nutritional basis for protein feeding of pure Iberian pigs Bases nutricionales para la alimentación proteica del cerdo Ibérico puro
Archivos de Zootecnia 
Nieto, R.; Aguinaga, M.A.; Lara, L.; Barea, R.; García-Valverde, R.; Palma-Granados, P.; Conde-Aguilera, J.A.; Aguilera, J.F.. (2018). [Volumen: 2018 - Páginas: 5. 9]

The effect of bacterial chemotaxis on host infection and pathogenicity
FEMS Microbiol Rev 
Matilla, M.A.; Krell, T.. (2018). [Volumen: 42 - Páginas: 40. 67]

Calmodulin antagonist affects peroxisomal functionality by disrupting both peroxisomal Ca2+ and protein import
Journal of Cell Science 
Corpas, F.J.; Barroso, J.B.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Comparison of automated ribosomal intergenic spacer analysis (ARISA) and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) techniques for analysing the influence of diet on ruminal bacterial diversity
Archives of Animal Nutrition 
Saro, C.; Molina-Alcaide, E.; Abecia, L.; Ranilla, M.J.; Carro, M.D.. (2018). [Volumen: 72 - Páginas: 85. 99]

Peroxisomal plant metabolism - An update on nitric oxide, Ca2+ and the NADPH recycling network
Journal of Cell Science 
Corpas, F.J.; Barroso, J.B.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and salicylic acid regulate aquaporins and root hydraulic properties in maize plants subjected to drought
Agricultural Water Management 
Quiroga, G.; Erice, G.; Aroca, R.; Zamarreño, Á.M.; García-Mina, J.M.; Ruiz-Lozano, J.M.. (2018). [Volumen: 202 - Páginas: 271. 284]

Influence of para-aminohippuric acid analysis on net portal-drained viscera flux of nutrients in pigs
Fernández-Fígares, I.; Lachica, M.; Rojas-Cano, M.L.; González-Casado, A.. (2018). [Volumen: 12 - Páginas: 232. 238]

Mechanical wounding promotes local and long distance response in the halophyte Cakile maritima through the involvement of the ROS and RNS metabolism
Nitric Oxide - Biology and Chemistry 
Houmani, H.; Rodríguez-Ruiz, M.; Palma, J.M.; Corpas, F.J.. (2018). [Volumen: 74 - Páginas: 93. 101]

Soil erosion control, plant diversity, and arthropod communities under heterogeneous cover crops in an olive orchard
Environmental science and pollution research international 
Gómez, J.A.; Campos, M.; Guzmán, G.; Castillo-Llanque, F.; Vanwalleghem, T.; Lora, Á.; Giráldez, J.V.. (2018). [Volumen: 25 - Páginas: 977. 989]

Effects of the methane-inhibitors Nitrophenol, 5-Nitrobenzimidazol and two new synthetic nitrocompounds on in vitro ruminal fermentation
Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology 
Kheddouma, A.; Arhab, R.; Martín-García, A.I.; Aouidane, L.; Bouraiou, A.. (2018). [Volumen: 14 - Páginas: 160. 165]

Phosphorus concentration coordinates a respiratory bypass, synthesis and exudation of citrate, and the expression of high-affinity phosphorus transporters in Solanum lycopersicum
Plant, Cell and Environment 
Del-Saz, N.F.; Romero-Munar, A.; Cawthray, G.R.; Palma, F.; Aroca, R.; Baraza, E.; Florez-Sarasa, I.; Lambers, H.; Ribas-Carbó, M.. (2018). [Volumen: 41 - Páginas: 865. 875]

The activity of the C4-dicarboxylic acid chemoreceptor of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is controlled by chemoattractants and antagonists
Scientific Reports 
Martín-Mora, D.; Ortega, Á.; Pérez-Maldonado, F.J.; Krell, T.; Matilla, M.A.. (2018). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Mycorrhizal tomato plants fine tunes the growth-defence balance upon N depleted root environments
Plant, Cell and Environment 
Sánchez-Bel, P.; Sanmartín, N.; Pastor, V.; Mateu, D.; Cerezo, M.; Vidal-Albalat, A.; Pastor-Fernández, J.; Pozo, M.J.; Flors, V.. (2018). [Volumen: 41 - Páginas: 406. 420]

Type VI secretion systems in plant-associated bacteria
Environmental Microbiology 
Bernal, P.; Llamas, M.A.; Filloux, A.. (2018). [Volumen: 20 - Páginas: 1. 15]

Novel pressure sensors and bioreporters in the synthetic biology era
Environmental Microbiology 
Matilla, M.A.. (2018). [Volumen: 20 - Páginas: 141. 144]

Responses of bulk and rhizosphere soil microbial communities to thermoclimatic changes in a Mediterranean ecosystem
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 
Pascual, J.; Blanco, S.; Ramos, J.L.; van Dillewijn, P.. (2018). [Volumen: 118 - Páginas: 130. 144]

Ex vivo and in vitro assessment of anti-inflammatory activity of seed β-conglutin proteins from Lupinus angustifolius
Journal of Functional Foods 
Lima-Cabello, E.; Morales-Santana, S.; Foley, R.C.; Melser, S.; Alché, V.; Siddique, K.H.M.; Singh, K.B.; Alché, J.D.; Jimenez-Lopez, J.C.. (2018). [Volumen: 40 - Páginas: 510. 519]

Effect of feeding a high-carbohydrate or a high-fat diet on subsequent food intake and blood concentration of satiety-related hormones in dogs
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 
Schauf, S.; Salas-Mani, A.; Torre, C.; Jimenez, E.; Latorre, M.A.; Castrillo, C.. (2018). [Volumen: 102 - Páginas: e21. e29]

Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis modifies the effects of a nitric oxide donor (sodium nitroprusside;SNP) and a nitric oxide synthesis inhibitor (Nω-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester;L-NAME) on lettuce plants under well watered and drought conditions
Sánchez-Romera, B.; Porcel, R.; Ruiz-Lozano, J.M.; Aroca, R.. (2018). [Volumen: 74 - Páginas: 11. 20]

Proteomic analysis reveals that tomato interaction with plant growth promoting bacteria is highly determined by ethylene perception
Journal of Plant Physiology 
Ibort, P.; Imai, H.; Uemura, M.; Aroca, R.. (2018). [Volumen: 220 - Páginas: 43. 59]

Decoding fjord water contribution and geochemical processes in the Aysen thermal springs (Southern Patagonia, Chile)
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 
Negri, A.; Daniele, L.; Aravena, D.; Muñoz, M.; Delgado, A.; Morata, D.. (2018). [Volumen: 185 - Páginas: 1. 13]

Long-term effects of contrasting tillage on soil organic carbon, nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions in a Mediterranean Vertisol under different crop sequences
Science of the Total Environment 
Badagliacca, G.; Benítez, E.; Amato, G.; Badalucco, L.; Giambalvo, D.; Laudicina, V.A.; Ruisi, P.. (2018). [Volumen: 619-620 - Páginas: 18. 27]

Regulation by S-nitrosylation of the Calvin-Benson cycle fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase in Pisum sativum
Redox Biology 
Serrato, A.J.; Romero-Puertas, M.C.; Lázaro-Payo, A.; Sahrawy, M.. (2018). [Volumen: 14 - Páginas: 409. 416]

Characterization of narrow-leaf lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.) recombinant major allergen IgE-binding proteins and the natural β-conglutin counterparts in sweet lupin seed species
Food Chemistry 
Jimenez-Lopez, J.C.; Foley, R.C.; Brear, E.; Clarke, V.C.; Lima-Cabello, E.; Florido, J.F.; Singh, K.B.; Alché, J.D.; Smith, P.M.C.. (2018). [Volumen: 244 - Páginas: 60. 70]

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