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The role of solute binding proteins in signal transduction
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 
Matilla, M.A.; Ortega, Á.; Krell, T.. (2021). [Volumen: 19 - Páginas: 1786. 1805]

Determining insulin sensitivity from glucose tolerance tests in Iberian and landrace pigs
Rodríguez-López, J.M.; Lachica, M.; González-Valero, L.; Fernández-Fígares, I.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Soil remediation approach and bacterial community structure in a long-term contaminated soil by a mining spill (Aznalcóllar, Spain)
Science of the Total Environment 
Paniagua-López, M.; Vela-Cano, M.; Correa-Galeote, D.; Martín-Peinado, F.; Garzón, F.J.M.; Pozo, C.; González-López, J.; Aragón, M.S.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Relative contributions of bacteria and fungi to nitrous oxide emissions following nitrate application in soils representing different land uses
Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; Le Cocq, K.; Charteris, A.F.; Abadie, M.; Chadwick, D.R.; Clark, I.M.; González-López, J.; Bedmar, E.J.; Cardenas, L.M.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Plant functional traits involved in the assembly of canopy-recruit interactions
Journal of Vegetation Science 
Perea, A.J.; Garrido, J.L.; Alcántara, J.M.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Loss of function of the chloroplast membrane K+/H+ antiporters AtKEA1 and AtKEA2 alters the ROS and NO metabolism but promotes drought stress resilience
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 
Sánchez-McSweeney, A.; González-Gordo, S.; Aranda-Sicilia, M.N.; Rodríguez-Rosales, M.P.; Venema, K.; Palma, J.M.; Corpas, F.J.. (2021). [Volumen: 160 - Páginas: 106. 119]

Effluent decontamination by the ibuprofen-mineralizing strain, Sphingopyxis granuli RW412: Metabolic processes
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987) 
Aguilar-Romero, I.; De la Torre-Zúñiga, J.; Quesada, J.M.; Haïdour, A.; O'Connell, G.; McAmmond, B.M.; Van Hamme, J.D.; Romero, E.; Wittich, R.M.; van Dillewijn, P.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Reduction of alternative electron acceptors drives biofilm formation in Shewanella algae
npj Biofilms and Microbiomes 
Martín-Rodríguez, A.J.; Reyes-Darias, J.A.; Martín-Mora, D.; González, J.M.; Krell, T.; Römling, U.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Net portal appearance of proteinogenic amino acids in Iberian pigs fed betaine and conjugated linoleic acid supplemented diets
Animal Feed Science and Technology 
Lachica, M.; Rojas-Cano, M.L.; Lara, L.; Haro, A.; Fernández-Fígares, I.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Plastidial transporters KEA1 and KEA2 at the inner envelope membrane adjust stromal pH in the dark
New Phytologist 
Aranda Sicilia, M.N.; Sánchez Romero, M.E.; Rodríguez Rosales, M.P.; Venema, K.. (2021). [Volumen: 229 - Páginas: 2080. 2090]

DLK2 regulates arbuscule hyphal branching during arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis
New Phytologist 
Ho-Plágaro, T.; Morcillo, R.J.L.; Tamayo-Navarrete, M.I.; Huertas, R.; Molinero-Rosales, N.; López-Ráez, J.A.; Macho, A.P.; García-Garrido, J.M.. (2021). [Volumen: 229 - Páginas: 548. 562]

Betaine increases net portal absorption of volatile fatty acids in Iberian pigs
Lachica, M.; Saro, C.; Mateos, I.; Gómez-García, M.; Ranilla, M.J.; Fernández-Fígares, I.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Plant-bacteria interactions for the elimination of atmospheric contaminants in cities
Molina, L.; Wittich, R.M.; van Dillewijn, P.; Segura, A.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

PahT regulates carbon fluxes in Novosphingobium sp. HR1a and influences its survival in soil and rhizospheres
Environmental Microbiology 
Segura, A.; Udaondo, Z.; Molina, L.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a model to study chemosensory pathway signaling
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews 
Matilla, M.A.; Martín-Mora, D.; Gavira, J.A.; Krell, T.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Identification of the endosymbionts from Sulla spinosissima growing in a lead mine tailings in Eastern Morocco as Mesorhizobium camelthorni sv. aridi
Journal of Applied Microbiology 
Lamin, H.; Alami, S.; Bouhnik, O.; Bennis, M.; Benkritly, S.; Abdelmoumen, H.; Bedmar, E.J.; Missbah El Idrissi, M.. (2021). [Volumen: 130 - Páginas: 948. 959]

Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and mycoremediated dry olive residue in lead uptake in wheat plants
Applied Soil Ecology 
García-Sánchez, M.; Silva-Castro, G.A.; Sanchez, A.; Arriagada, C.; García-Romera, I.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Aquaporins and cation transporters are differentially regulated by two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi strains in lettuce cultivars growing under salinity conditions
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 
Santander, C.; Aroca, R.; Cartes, P.; Vidal, G.; Cornejo, P.. (2021). [Volumen: 158 - Páginas: 396. 409]

Resistance against Orobanche crenata in bitter vetch (Vicia ervilia) germplasm based on reduced induction of Orobanche germination
González-Verdejo, C.I.; Fernández-Aparicio, M.; Córdoba, E.M.; López-Ráez, J.A.; Nadal, S.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Enteric methane production in adult sheep of the Segureña breed fed diets containing alkali-treated olive cake
Small Ruminant Research 
Aguilera, J.F.; Molina-Alcaide, E.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Wheat root trait plasticity, nutrient acquisition and growth responses are dependent on specific arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus and plant genotype interactions
Journal of Plant Physiology 
de Souza Campos, P.M.; Borie, F.; Cornejo, P.; Meier, S.; López-Ráez, J.A.; López-Garcia, Á.; Seguel, A.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Main nitric oxide (NO) hallmarks to relieve arsenic stress in higher plants
Journal of Hazardous Materials 
Bhat, J.A.; Ahmad, P.; Corpas, F.J.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Olive oil varieties and ripening stages containing the antioxidants hydroxytyrosol and derivatives in compliance with EFSA health claim
Food Chemistry 
López-Huertas, E.; Lozano-Sánchez, J.; Segura-Carretero, A.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Zinc-nitrogen co-fertilization influences N2O emissions and microbial communities in an irrigated maize field
Montoya, M.; Guardia, G.; Recio, J.; Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; Ginés, C.; Bedmar, E.J.; Álvarez, J.M.; Vallejo, A.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Pre-storage nitric oxide treatment enhances chilling tolerance of zucchini fruit (Cucurbita pepo L.) by S-nitrosylation of proteins and modulation of the antioxidant response
Postharvest Biology and Technology 
Jiménez-Muñoz, R.; Palma, F.; Carvajal, F.; Castro-Cegrí, A.; Pulido, A.; Jamilena, M.; Romero-Puertas, M.C.; Garrido, D.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

New insights into the efficient removal of emerging contaminants by biochars and hydrochars derived from olive oil wastes
Science of the Total Environment 
Delgado-Moreno, L.; Bazhari, S.; Gasco, G.; Méndez, A.; El Azzouzi, M.; Romero, E.. (2021). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Potential of wild annual legumes for mountain pasture restoration at two silvopastoral sites in southern Spain: promising species and soil-improvement techniques.
Agroforestry Systems 
Ramos-Font, M.E.; Tognetti-Barbieri, M.J.; González-Rebollar, J.L.; Robles-Cruz, A.B.. (2021). [Volumen: 95 - Páginas: 7. 19]

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