Listado de Publicaciones EEZ-CSIC

Early monitoring of fatty acid profile in children with attention deficit and/or hyperactivity disorder under treatment with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
Minerva Pediatrica 
Checa-Ros, A.; Haro-García, A.; Seiquer, I.; Molina-Carballo, A.; Uberos-Fernández, J.; Muñoz-Hoyos, A.. (2019). [Volumen: 71 - Páginas: 313. 325]

Improvement of pesticide removal in contaminated media using aqueous extracts from contaminated biopurification systems
Science of the Total Environment 
Romero, I.A.; van Dillewijn, P.; Nesme, J.; Sørensen, S.J.; Romero, E.. (2019). [Volumen: 691 - Páginas: 749. 759]

Effect of nitrogen fertilisation on nitrous oxide emission and the abundance of microbial nitrifiers and denitrifiers in the bulk and rhizosphere soil of Solanum lycopersicum and Phaseolus vulgaris
Plant and Soil 
Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; González-López, J.; Bedmar, E.J.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Multiple origins of reverse transcriptases linked to CRISPR-Cas systems
RNA Biology 
Toro, N.; Martínez-Abarca, F.; Mestre, M.R.; González-Delgado, A.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Rhizobium etli produces nitrous oxide by coupling the assimilatory and denitrification pathways
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Hidalgo-García, A.; Torres, M.J.; Salas, A.; Bedmar, E.J.; Girard, L.; Delgado, M.J.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

An integrated systems approach unveils new aspects of microoxia-mediated regulation in bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Fernández, N.; Cabrera, J.J.; Varadarajan, A.R.; Lutz, S.; Ledermann, R.; Roschitzki, B.; Eberl, L.; Bedmar, E.J.; Fischer, H.M.; Pessi, G.; Ahrens, C.H.; Mesa, S.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Diversity of extracytoplasmic function sigma (σECF) factor-dependent signaling in Pseudomonas
Molecular Microbiology 
Otero-Asman, J.R.; Wettstadt, S.; Bernal, P.; Llamas, M.A.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Nitric oxide and phytoglobin PHYTOGB1 are regulatory elements in the Solanum lycopersicum–Rhizophagus irregularis mycorrhizal symbiosis
New Phytologist 
Martínez-Medina, A.; Pescador, L.; Fernández, I.; Rodríguez-Serrano, M.; García, J.M.; Romero-Puertas, M.C.; Pozo, M.J.. (2019). [Volumen: 223 - Páginas: 1560. 1574]

Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Fruits: Characterization of the main enzymatic antioxidants (Peroxisomal Catalase and SOD Isozymes) and the NADPH-Regenerating System
Pinilla, M.; Iglesias-Moya, J.; Campos, M.J.; Corpas, F.J.; Palma, J.M.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Implications of mycoremediated dry olive residue application and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi inoculation on the microbial community composition and functionality in a metal-polluted soil
Journal of Environmental Management 
García-Sánchez, M.; Cajthaml, T.; Filipová, A.; Tlustoš, P.; Száková, J.; García-Romera, I.. (2019). [Volumen: 247 - Páginas: 756. 765]

Modulation of C:N:P stoichiometry is involved in the effectiveness of a PGPR and AM fungus in increasing salt stress tolerance of Sulla carnosa Tunisian provenances
Applied Soil Ecology 
Hidri, R.; Metoui-Ben Mahmoud, O.; Debez, A.; Abdelly, C.; Barea, J.M.; Azcon, R.. (2019). [Volumen: 143 - Páginas: 161. 172]

Analysis of the denitrification pathway and greenhouse gases emissions in Bradyrhizobium sp. strains used as biofertilizers in South America
Journal of Applied Microbiology 
Obando, M.; Correa-Galeote, D.; Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; Gualpa, J.; Hidalgo, A.; Alché, J.D.; Bedmar, E.; Cassán, F.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Inhibition of NADP-malic enzyme activity by H2S and NO in sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) fruits
Physiologia Plantarum 
Muñoz-Vargas, M.A.; González-Gordo, S.; Palma, J.M.; Corpas, F.J.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Genome and secretome of Chondrostereum purpureum correspond to saprotrophic and phytopathogenic life styles
Reina, R.; Kellner, H.; Hess, J.; Jehmlich, N.; García-Romera, I.; Aranda, E.; Hofrichter, M.; Liers, C.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Agroecological management improves ecosystem services in almond orchards within one year
Ecosystem Services 
De Leijster, V.; Santos, M.J.; Wassen, M.J.; Ramos-Font, M.E.; Robles, A.B.; Díaz, M.; Staal, M.; Verweij, P.A.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Editorial: Fruit ripening: From present knowledge to future development
Frontiers in Plant Science 
Palma, J.M.; Corpas, F.J.; Freschi, L.; Valpuesta, V.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

The Rhizophagus irregularis genome encodes two ctr copper transporters that mediate cu import into the cytosol and a ctr-like protein likely involved in copper tolerance
Frontiers in Plant Science 
Gómez-Gallego, T.; Benabdellah, K.; Merlos, M.A.; Jiménez-Jiménez, A.M.; Alcon, C.; Berthomieu, P.; Ferrol, N.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Editorial: Effects of plant-microbiome interactions on phyto- And bio-remediation capacity
Frontiers in Plant Science 
Cicatelli, A.; Ferrol, N.; Rozpadek, P.; Castiglione, S.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

RNA-seq analysis and fluorescence imaging of melon powdery mildew disease reveal an orchestrated reprogramming of host physiology
Scientific Reports 
Polonio, Á.; Pineda, M.; Bautista, R.; Martínez-Cruz, J.; Pérez-Bueno, M.L.; Barón, M.; Pérez-García, A.. (2019). [Volumen: 9 - Páginas: . ]

Prediction of enteric methane production, yield and intensity of beef cattle using an intercontinental database
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 
van Lingen, H.J.; Niu, M.; Kebreab, E.; Valadares Filho, S.C.; Rooke, J.A.; Duthie, C.A.; Schwarm, A.; Kreuzer, M.; Hynd, P.I.; Caetano, M.; Eugène, M.; Martin, C.; McGee, M.; O'Kiely, P.; Hünerberg, M.; McAllister, T.A.; Berchielli, T.T.; Messana, J.D.; Peiren, N.; Chaves, A.V.; Charmley, E.; Cole, N.A.; Hales, K.E.; Lee, S.S.; Berndt, A.; Reynolds, C.K.; Crompton, L.A.; Bayat, A.R.; Yáñez-Ruiz, D.R.; Yu, Z.; Bannink, A.; Dijkstra, J.; Casper, D.P.; Hristov, A.N.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Modelling nutritional requirements of growing pigs from local breeds using inraporc
Brossard, L.; Nieto, R.; Charneca, R.; Araujo, J.P.; Pugliese, C.; Radovi¿, ¿.; ¿andek-Potokar, M.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Virgin olive oil (unfiltered) extract contains peptides and possesses ACE inhibitory and antihypertensive activity
Clinical Nutrition 
Alcaide-Hidalgo, J.M.; Margalef, M.; Bravo, F.I.; Muguerza, B.; López-Huertas, E.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Conjugated linoleic acid and betaine affect lipolysis in pig adipose tissue explants
Fernández-Fígares, I.; Lachica, M.; Martínez-Pérez, M.; Ramsay, T.G.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Understanding the bioavailability of pyrethroids in the aquatic environment using chemical approaches
Environment International 
Lu, Z.; Lu, Z.; Gan, J.; Gan, J.; Cui, X.; Cui, X.; Delgado-Moreno, L.; Lin, K.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: 194. 207]

Bacterial nanocellulose production from naphthalene
Microbial Biotechnology 
Marín, P.; Martirani-Von Abercron, S.M.; Urbina, L.; Pacheco-Sánchez, D.; Castañeda-Cataña, M.A.; Retegi, A.; Eceiza, A.; Marqués, S.. (2019). [Volumen: 12 - Páginas: 662. 676]

Astragalus algarbiensis is nodulated by the genistearum symbiovar of Bradyrhizobium spp. in Morocco
Systematic and Applied Microbiology 
Alami, S.; Lamin, H.; Bouhnik, O.; El Faik, S.; Filali-Maltouf, A.; Abdelmoumen, H.; Bedmar, E.J.; Missbah El Idrissi, M.. (2019). [Volumen: 42 - Páginas: 440. 447]

Spatio-temporal localization of LlBOP following early events of floral abscission in yellow lupine
Ku?ko, A.; Smoli?ski, D.; Wilmowicz, E.; Florkiewicz, A.; Alché, J.D.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Molecular dialogue between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and the nonhost plant Arabidopsis thaliana switches from initial detection to antagonism
New Phytologist 
Fernández, I.; Cosme, M.; Stringlis, I.A.; Yu, K.; de Jonge, R.; van Wees, S.C.M.; Pozo, M.J.; Pieterse, C.M.J.; van der Heijden, M.G.A.. (2019). [Volumen: 223 - Páginas: 867. 881]

DNA cleavage and reverse splicing of ribonucleoprotein particles reconstituted in vitro with linear RmInt1 RNA
RNA Biology 
Molina-Sánchez, M.D.; Toro, N.. (2019). [Volumen: 16 - Páginas: 930. 939]

The urgent need for microbiology literacy in society
Environmental Microbiology 
Timmis, K.; Cavicchioli, R.; Garcia, J.L.; Nogales, B.; Chavarría, M.; Stein, L.; McGenity, T.J.; Webster, N.; Singh, B.K.; Handelsman, J.; de Lorenzo, V.; Pruzzo, C.; Timmis, J.; Martín, J.L.R.; Verstraete, W.; Jetten, M.; Danchin, A.; Huang, W.; Gilbert, J.; Lal, R.; Santos, H.; Lee, S.Y.; Sessitsch, A.; Bonfante, P.; Gram, L.; Lin, R.T.P.; Ron, E.; Karahan, Z.C.; van der Meer, J.R.; Artunkal, S.; Jahn, D.; Harper, L.. (2019). [Volumen: 21 - Páginas: 1513. 1528]

Contrasting effects of tillage and landscape structure on spiders and springtails in vineyards
Pfingstmann, A.; Paredes, D.; Buchholz, J.; Querner, P.; Bauer, T.; Strauss, P.; Kratschmer, S.; Winter, S.; Zaller, J.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Hydrogen sulfide: A novel component in Arabidopsis peroxisomes which triggers catalase inhibition
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 
Corpas, F.J.; Barroso, J.B.; González-Gordo, S.; Muñoz-Vargas, M.A.; Palma, J.M.. (2019). [Volumen: 61 - Páginas: 871. 883]

Occurrence and diversity of the oxidative hydroxyhydroquinone pathway for the anaerobic degradation of aromatic compounds in nitrate-reducing bacteria
Environmental Microbiology Reports 
Pacheco-Sánchez, D.; Rama-Garda, R.; Marín, P.; Martirani-Von Abercron, S.M.; Marqués, S.. (2019). [Volumen: 11 - Páginas: 525. 537]

Phylogenetic relationships among introduced and autochthonous rhizobia nodulating Trifolium spp. in Uruguayan soils
Applied Soil Ecology 
Tartaglia, C.; Azziz, G.; Lorite, M.J.; Sanjuán, J.; Monza, J.. (2019). [Volumen: 139 - Páginas: 40. 46]

AmrZ and FleQ co-regulate cellulose production in pseudomonas syringae pv. Tomato DC3000
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Pérez-Mendoza, D.; Felipe, A.; Ferreiro, M.D.; Sanjuán, J.; Gallegos, M.T.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Plant peroxisomes at the crossroad of NO and H2O2 metabolism
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 
Corpas, F.J.; del Río, L.A.; Palma, J.M.. (2019). [Volumen: 61 - Páginas: 803. 816]

Crosstalk between nitric oxide (NO) and abscisic acid (ABA) signalling molecules in higher plants
Environmental and Experimental Botany 
Prakash, V.; Singh, V.P.; Tripathi, D.K.; Sharma, S.; Corpas, F.J.. (2019). [Volumen: 161 - Páginas: 41. 49]

Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species as key indicators of plant responses to Cd stress
Environmental and Experimental Botany 
Romero-Puertas, M.C.; Terrón-Camero, L.C.; Peláez-Vico, M.Á.; Olmedilla, A.; Sandalio, L.M.. (2019). [Volumen: 161 - Páginas: 107. 119]

Portal drained-viscera heat production and net flux of volatile fatty acids in Iberian pigs fed acorn
Animal Production Science 
Lachica, M.; González-Valero, L.; Rodríguez-López, J.M.; Lara, L.; Fernández-Fígares, I.. (2019). [Volumen: 59 - Páginas: 1470. 1482]

?ffects of fortified milk on cognitive abilities in school-aged children: results from a randomized-controlled trial
European Journal of Nutrition 
Petrova, D.; Bernabeu Litrán, M.A.; García-Mármol, E.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, M.; Cueto-Martín, B.; López-Huertas, E.; Catena, A.; Fonollá, J.. (2019). [Volumen: 58 - Páginas: 1863. 1872]

Later summer oviposition of green lacewing (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) on trees adjacent to olive groves
Environmental Entomology 
Alcalá Herrera, R.; Campos, M.; Ruano, F.. (2019). [Volumen: 48 - Páginas: 506. 513]

Exposición ¿Qué es la ciencia para usted?
Ramírez Malo, L.; Ruiz Torres, C.. (2019). [Volumen: 33 - Páginas: 58. 60]

A multi-kingdom study reveals the plasticity of the rumen microbiota in response to a shift from non-grazing to grazing diets in sheep
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Belanche, A.; Kingston-Smith, A.H.; Griffith, G.W.; Newbold, C.J.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Effects of lysine deficiency on carcass composition and activity and gene expression of lipogenic enzymes in muscles and backfat adipose tissue of fatty and lean piglets
Palma-Granados, P.; Seiquer, I.; Benítez, R.; Óvilo, C.; Nieto, R.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Inhibitory effects of dissolved organic matter on erythromycin bioavailability and possible mechanisms
Journal of Hazardous Materials 
Liu, Z.; Delgado-Moreno, L.; Lu, Z.; Zhang, S.; He, Y.; Gu, X.; Chen, Z.; Ye, Q.; Gan, J.; Wang, W.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: 255. 263]

A partner-switching system controls activation of mixed-linkage β-glucan synthesis by c-di-GMP in Sinorhizobium meliloti
Environmental Microbiology 
Baena, I.; Pérez-Mendoza, D.; Sauviac, L.; Francesch, K.; Martín, M.; Rivilla, R.; Bonilla, I.; Bruand, C.; Sanjuán, J.; Lloret, J.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Identification and expression analysis of the arbuscular mycorrhiza-inducible Rieske non-heme oxygenase Ptc52 gene from tomato
Journal of Plant Physiology 
Molinero-Rosales, N.; Martín-Rodríguez, J.Á.; Ho-Plágaro, T.; García-Garrido, J.M.. (2019). [Volumen: 237 - Páginas: 95. 103]

Invited review: Nitrogen in ruminant nutrition: A review of measurement techniques
Journal of Dairy Science 
Hristov, A.N.; Bannink, A.; Crompton, L.A.; Huhtanen, P.; Kreuzer, M.; McGee, M.; Nozière, P.; Reynolds, C.K.; Bayat, A.R.; Yáñez-Ruiz, D.R.; Dijkstra, J.; Kebreab, E.; Schwarm, A.; Shingfield, K.J.; Yu, Z.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

The Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens two-component system NtrYX has a key role in symbiotic nitrogen fixation of soybean plants and cbb 3 oxidase expression in bacteroids
Plant and Soil 
López, M.F.; Hegel, V.A.; Torres, M.J.; García, A.H.; Delgado, M.J.; López-García, S.L.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

The arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis regulates aquaporins activity and improves root cell water permeability in maize plants subjected to water stress
Plant, Cell and Environment 
Quiroga, G.; Erice, G.; Ding, L.; Chaumont, F.; Aroca, R.; Ruiz-Lozano, J.M.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Response of wild bee diversity, abundance, and functional traits to vineyard inter-row management intensity and landscape diversity across Europe
Ecology and Evolution 
Kratschmer, S.; Pachinger, B.; Schwantzer, M.; Paredes, D.; Guzmán, G.; Goméz, J.A.; Entrenas, J.A.; Guernion, M.; Burel, F.; Nicolai, A.; Fertil, A.; Popescu, D.; Macavei, L.; Hoble, A.; Bunea, C.; Kriechbaum, M.; Zaller, J.G.; Winter, S.. (2019). [Volumen: 9 - Páginas: 4103. 4115]

Phenotypic and molecular traits determine the tolerance of olive trees to drought stress
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 
Calvo-Polanco, M.; Ruiz-Lozano, J.M.; Azcón, R.; Molina, S.; Beuzon, C.R.; García, J.L.; Cantos, M.; Aroca, R.. (2019). [Volumen: 139 - Páginas: 521. 527]

Concentration dependent effect of plant root exudates on the chemosensory systems of Pseudomonas putida KT2440
Frontiers in Microbiology 
López-Farfán, D.; Reyes-Darias, J.A.; Matilla, M.A.; Krell, T.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Proteomic analyses of thioredoxins f and m arabidopsis thaliana mutants indicate specific functions for these proteins in plants
Fernández-Trijueque, J.; Serrato, A.J.; Sahrawy, M.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Identification and expression analysis of GRAS transcription factor genes involved in the control of arbuscular mycorrhizal development in tomato
Frontiers in Plant Science 
Ho-Plágaro, T.; Molinero-Rosales, N.; Fariña Flores, D.; Villena Díaz, M.; García-Garrido, J.M.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Impact of elevated CO2 and drought on yield and quality traits of a historical (Blanqueta) and a modern (Sula) durum wheat
Journal of Cereal Science 
Erice, G.; Sanz-Sáez, Á.; González-Torralba, J.; Méndez-Espinoza, A.M.; Urretavizcaya, I.; Nieto, M.T.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L.; Irigoyen, J.J.; Aranjuelo, I.. (2019). [Volumen: 87 - Páginas: 194. 201]

Evaluation of the promiscuous component of several bacterial export pumps TolC as a biomarker for toxic pollutants in feedstuffs
Chemico-Biological Interactions 
Perez-Silva, L.; Sanchez-Vicente, L.; Molina-Alcaide, E.; Marin, J.J.G.; Herraez, E.. (2019). [Volumen: 305 - Páginas: 195. 202]

Host identity and functional traits determine the community composition of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in facultative epiphytic plant species
Fungal Ecology 
Alguacil, M.M.; Díaz, G.; Torres, P.; Rodríguez-Caballero, G.; Roldán, A.. (2019). [Volumen: 39 - Páginas: 307. 315]

INFOGEST static in vitro simulation of gastrointestinal food digestion
Nature protocols 
Brodkorb, A.; Egger, L.; Alminger, M.; Alvito, P.; Assunção, R.; Ballance, S.; Bohn, T.; Bourlieu-Lacanal, C.; Boutrou, R.; Carrière, F.; Clemente, A.; Corredig, M.; Dupont, D.; Dufour, C.; Edwards, C.; Golding, M.; Karakaya, S.; Kirkhus, B.; Le Feunteun, S.; Lesmes, U.; Macierzanka, A.; Mackie, A.R.; Martins, C.; Marze, S.; McClements, D.J.; Ménard, O.; Minekus, M.; Portmann, R.; Santos, C.N.; Souchon, I.; Singh, R.P.; Vegarud, G.E.; Wickham, M.S.J.; Weitschies, W.; Recio, I.. (2019). [Volumen: 14 - Páginas: 991. 1014]

Bacteria from the endosphere and rhizosphere of Quercus spp. Use mainly cell wall-associated enzymes to decompose organic matter
Lasa, A.V.; Mašínová, T.; Baldrian, P.; Fernández-López, M.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus and rhizobacteria affect the physiology and performance of Sulla coronaria plants subjected to salt stress by mitigation of ionic imbalance
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 
Hidri, R.; Mahmoud, O.M.B.; Farhat, N.; Cordero, I.; Pueyo, J.J.; Debbez, A.; Barea, J.M.; Abdelly, C.; Azcon, R.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Impact of nitric oxide (NO) on the ROS metabolism of peroxisomes
Corpas, F.J.; del Río, L.A.; Palma, J.M.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Effects of virgin olive oils differing in their bioactive compound contents on biomarkers of oxidative stress and inflammation in healthy adults: A randomized double-blind controlled trial
Sanchez-Rodriguez, E.; Biel-Glesson, S.; Fernandez-Navarro, J.R.; Calleja, M.A.; Espejo-Calvo, J.A.; Gil-Extremera, B.; Torre, R.D.L.; Fito, M.; Covas, M.I.; Vilchez, P.; Alche, J.D.D.; Victoria, E.M.D.; Gil, A.; Mesa, M.D.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Visualization and characterization of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 pellicles
Microbial Biotechnology 
Farias, G.A.; Olmedilla, A.; Gallegos, M.T.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Twenty-first-century chemical odyssey: fuels versus commodities and cell factories versus chemical plants
Microbial Biotechnology 
Ramos, J.L.; Duque, E.. (2019). [Volumen: 12 - Páginas: 200. 209]

Assessing the dietary intake of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper in institutionalised children and adolescents from Guatemala. Contribution of nutritional supplements
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 
Muros, J.J.; Cabrera-Vique, C.; Briones, M.; Seiquer, I.. (2019). [Volumen: 53 - Páginas: 91. 97]

The Molecular Mechanism of Nitrate Chemotaxis via Direct Ligand Binding to the PilJ Domain of McpN
Martín-Mora, D.; Ortega, Á.; Matilla, M.A.; Martínez-Rodríguez, S.; Gavira, J.A.; Krell, T.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Sinorhizobium fredii HH103 RirA is required for oxidative stress resistance and efficient symbiosis with soybean
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 
Crespo-Rivas, J.C.; Navarro-Gómez, P.; Alias-Villegas, C.; Shi, J.; Zhen, T.; Niu, Y.; Cuéllar, V.; Moreno, J.; Cubo, T.; Vinardell, J.M.; Ruiz-Sainz, J.E.; Acosta-Jurado, S.; Soto, M.J.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Optimizing management of dairy goat farms through individual animal data interpretation: A case study of smart farming in Spain
Agricultural Systems 
Belanche, A.; Martín-García, A.I.; Fernández-Álvarez, J.; Pleguezuelos, J.; Mantecón, Á.R.; Yáñez-Ruiz, D.R.. (2019). [Volumen: 173 - Páginas: 27. 38]

Metabarcoding reveals that rhizospheric microbiota of Quercus pyrenaica is composed by a relatively small number of bacterial taxa highly abundant
Scientific Reports 
Lasa, A.V.; Fernández-González, A.J.; Villadas, P.J.; Toro, N.; Fernández-López, M.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Rhizobial symbiosis modifies root hydraulic properties in bean plants under non-stressed and salinity-stressed conditions
Franzini, V.I.; Azcón, R.; Ruiz-Lozano, J.M.; Aroca, R.. (2019). [Volumen: 249 - Páginas: 1207. 1215]

Polyphenols bioaccessibility and bioavailability assessment in ipecac infusion using a combined assay of simulated in vitro digestion and Caco-2 cell model
International Journal of Food Science and Technology 
Ben Hlel, T.; Borges, T.; Rueda, A.; Smaali, I.; Marzouki, M.N.; Seiquer, I.. (2019). [Volumen: 54 - Páginas: 1566. 1575]

Review: Arbuscular mycorrhizas as key players in sustainable plant phosphorus acquisition: An overview on the mechanisms involved
Plant Science 
Ferrol, N.; Azcón-Aguilar, C.; Pérez-Tienda, J.. (2019). [Volumen: 280 - Páginas: 441. 447]

Short- and long-term effects of conventional and artificial rearing strategies on the health and performance of growing lambs
Belanche, A.; Cooke, J.; Jones, E.; Worgan, H.J.; Newbold, C.J.. (2019). [Volumen: 13 - Páginas: 740. 749]

Drought stress triggers the accumulation of NO and SNOs in cortical cells of Lotus japonicus L. roots and the nitration of proteins with relevant metabolic function
Environmental and Experimental Botany 
Signorelli, S.; Corpas, F.J.; Rodríguez-Ruiz, M.; Valderrama, R.; Barroso, J.B.; Borsani, O.; Monza, J.. (2019). [Volumen: 161 - Páginas: 228. 241]

Abundance and population decline factors of chrysopid juveniles in olive groves and adjacent trees
Alcalá Herrera, R.; Campos, M.; González-Salvadó, M.; Ruano, F.. (2019). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Natural habitat increases natural pest control in olive groves: economic implications
Journal of Pest Science 
D.Paredes; D.S. Karp; R. Chaplin-Kramer; E. Benítez; M. Campos. (2019). [Volumen: 92 - Páginas: 1111. 1121]

Combining electrokinetic transport and bioremediation for enhanced removal of crude oil from contaminated marine sediments: Results of a long-term, mesocosm-scale experiment
Water Research 
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An Overview of the Polymorphisms of Circadian Genes Associated With Endocrine Cancer
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