Listado de Publicaciones EEZ-CSIC

Root-to-shoot signalling in mycorrhizal tomato plants upon Botrytis cinerea infection
Plant Science 
Sanmartín, N.; Sánchez-Bel, P.; Pastor, V.; Pastor-Fernández, J.; Mateu, D.; Pozo, M.J.; Cerezo, M.; Flors, V.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Pathogen life-cycle leaves footprint on the spatial distribution of recruitment of their host plants
Fungal Ecology 
Perea, A.J.; Garrido, J.L.; Fedriani, J.M.; Rey, P.J.; Alcántara, J.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Identification of seed storage proteins as the major constituents of the extra virgin olive oil proteome
Food Chemistry: X 
Castro, A.J.; Lima-Cabello, E.; Alché, J.D.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Rejected brine recycling in hydroponic and thermo-solar evaporation systems for leisure and tourist facilities. Changing waste into raw material
Jiménez-Arias, D.; Morales-Sierra, S.; García-Machado, F.J.; García-García, A.L.; Luis, J.C.; Valdés, F.; Sandalio, L.M.; Hernández-Suárez, M.; Borges, A.A.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Phylogenetic diversity of bacterial strains from root nodules of legumes grown wild in Egypt
Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology 
El-Batanony, N.H.; Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; Correa-Galeote, D.; Bedmar, E.J.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Unraveling the impact of arsenic on the redox response of peanut plants inoculated with two different Bradyrhizobium sp. strains
Peralta, J.M.; Travaglia, C.N.; Romero-Puertas, M.C.; Furlan, A.; Castro, S.; Bianucci, E.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Na+ transporter HKT1;2 reduces flower Na+ content and considerably mitigates the decline in tomato fruit yields under saline conditions
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 
Romero-Aranda, M.R.; González-Fernández, P.; López-Tienda, J.R.; López-Diaz, M.R.; Espinosa, J.; Granum, E.; Traverso, J.Á.; Pineda, B.; Garcia-Sogo, B.; Moreno, V.; Asins, M.J.; Belver, A.. (2020). [Volumen: 154 - Páginas: 341. 352]

Bacterial ecotoxicity and shifts in bacterial communities associated with the removal of ibuprofen, diclofenac and triclosan in biopurification systems
Science of the Total Environment 
Aguilar-Romero, I.; Romero, E.; Wittich, R.M.; van Dillewijn, P.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

A comparative study on chemical profile and biological activities of aerial parts (stems, flowers, leaves, pods and seeds) of Astragalus gombiformis
Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology 
Lekmine, S.; Boussekine, S.; Kadi, K.; Martín-García, A.I.; Kheddouma, A.; Nagaz, K.; Bensouici, C.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Melatonin and calcium function synergistically to promote the resilience through ROS metabolism under arsenic-induced stress
Journal of Hazardous Materials 
Siddiqui, M.H.; Alamri, S.; Nasir Khan, M.; Corpas, F.J.; Al-Amri, A.A.; Alsubaie, Q.D.; Ali, H.M.; Kalaji, H.M.; Ahmad, P.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Salicylic acid-induced nitric oxide enhances arsenic toxicity tolerance in maize plants by upregulating the ascorbate-glutathione cycle and glyoxalase system
Journal of Hazardous Materials 
Kaya, C.; Ashraf, M.; Alyemeni, M.N.; Corpas, F.J.; Ahmad, P.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Disruption of the auxin gradient in the abscission zone area evokes asymmetrical changes leading to flower separation in yellow lupine
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 
Kucko, A.; Wilmowicz, E.; Pokora, W.; Alché, J.D.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Pseudomonas stutzeri MJL19, a rhizosphere-colonizing bacterium that promotes plant growth under saline stress
Journal of Applied Microbiology 
Lami, M.J.; Adler, C.; Caram-Di Santo, M.C.; Zenoff, A.M.; de Cristóbal, R.E.; Espinosa-Urgel, M.; Vincent, P.A.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

The use of isothermal titration calorimetry to unravel chemotactic signalling mechanisms
Environmental Microbiology 
Matilla, M.A.; Martín-Mora, D.; Krell, T.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Inclusion of limited amounts of extruded legumes plus cereal mixes in normocaloric or obesogenic diets for rats: Effects on lipid profile
Rubio, L.A.; Aranda-Olmedo, I.; Martín-Pedrosa, M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Plant catalases as NO and H2S targets
Redox Biology 
Palma, J.M.; Mateos, R.M.; López-Jaramillo, J.; Rodríguez-Ruiz, M.; González-Gordo, S.; Lechuga-Sancho, A.M.; Corpas, F.J.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Characterization of mechanisms involved in tolerance and accumulation of Cd in Biscutella auriculata L
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 
Peco, J.D.; Campos, J.A.; Romero-Puertas, M.C.; Olmedilla, A.; Higueras, P.; Sandalio, L.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Editorial: Microbial Control of the Nitrogen Cycle
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Sanjuan, J.; Delgado, M.J.; Delgado, M.J.; Girard, L.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Superoxide Radical Metabolism in Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) Fruits Is Regulated by Ripening and by a NO-Enriched Environment
Frontiers in Plant Science 
González-Gordo, S.; Rodríguez-Ruiz, M.; Palma, J.M.; Corpas, F.J.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Regulating the regulator: nitric oxide control of post-translational modifications
New Phytologist 
Gupta, K.J.; Kolbert, Z.; Durner, J.; Lindermayr, C.; Corpas, F.J.; Brouquisse, R.; Barroso, J.B.; Umbreen, S.; Palma, J.M.; Hancock, J.T.; Petrivalsky, M.; Wendehenne, D.; Loake, G.J.. (2020). [Volumen: 227 - Páginas: 1319. 1325]

Characterization of Pisum sativum and Vicia faba microsymbionts in Morocco and definition of symbiovar viciae in Rhizobium acidisoli
Systematic and Applied Microbiology 
Missbah El Idrissi, M.; Lamin, H.; Bouhnik, O.; Lamrabet, M.; Alami, S.; Jabrone, Y.; Bennis, M.; Bedmar, E.J.; Abdelmoumen, H.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Effects of halophyte root exudates and their components on chemotaxis, biofilm formation and colonization of the halophilic bacterium halomonas Anticariensis FP35T
Sampedro, I.; Pérez-Mendoza, D.; Toral, L.; Palacios, E.; Arriagada, C.; Llamas, I.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Diversity, phylogeny and plant growth promotion traits of nodule associated bacteria isolated from lotus parviflorus
Soares, R.; Trejo, J.; Lorite, M.J.; Figueira, E.; Sanjuán, J.; E Castro, I.V.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Effects of feeding multinutrient blocks including avocado pulp and peels to dairy goats on feed intake and milk yield and composition
de Evan, T.; Carro, M.D.; Yepes, J.E.F.; Haro, A.; Arbesú, L.; Romero-Huelva, M.; Molina-Alcaide, E.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Cadmium and arsenic-induced-stress differentially modulates Arabidopsis root architecture, peroxisome distribution, enzymatic activities and their nitric oxide content
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 
Piacentini, D.; Corpas, F.J.; D'Angeli, S.; Altamura, M.M.; Falasca, G.. (2020). [Volumen: 148 - Páginas: 312. 323]

Role of Sinorhizobium meliloti and Escherichia coli long-chain Acyl-CoA synthetase FadD in long-term survival
de la Cruz Pech-Canul, A.; Rivera-Hernández, G.; Nogales, J.; Geiger, O.; Soto, M.J.; López-Lara, I.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Mineral elements content of wild growing edible mushrooms from the southeast of Spain
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 
Haro, A.; Trescastro, A.; Lara, L.; Fernández-Fígares, I.; Nieto, R.; Seiquer, I.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Agronomical parameters of host and non-host legumes inoculated with Melilotus indicus-isolated rhizobial strains in desert unreclaimed soil
Archives of Microbiology 
Batanony, N.H.E.; Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; Mamdouh, A.; Ashraf, N.; Bedmar, E.J.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Arabidopsis Plants Sense Non-self Peptides to Promote Resistance Against Plectosphaerella cucumerina
Frontiers in Plant Science 
Pastor-Fernández, J.; Gamir, J.; Pastor, V.; Sanchez-Bel, P.; Sanmartín, N.; Cerezo, M.; Flors, V.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Vermiremediation of biomixtures from biobed systems contaminated with pesticides
Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 
Delgado-Moreno, L.; Nogales, R.; Romero, E.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Overexpression of LeNHX4 improved yield, fruit quality and salt tolerance in tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum L.)
Molecular Biology Reports 
Maach, M.; Baghour, M.; Akodad, M.; Gálvez, F.J.; Sánchez, M.E.; Aranda, M.N.; Venema, K.; Rodríguez-Rosales, M.P.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Effect of drought on growth, photosynthesis and total antioxidant capacity of the saharan plant Oudeneya africana
Environmental and Experimental Botany 
Talbi, S.; Rojas, J.A.; Sahrawy, M.; Rodríguez-Serrano, M.; Cárdenas, K.E.; Debouba, M.; Sandalio, L.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

A route to decreasing N pollution from livestock: Use of Festulolium hybrids improves efficiency of N flows in rumen simulation fermenters
Food and Energy Security 
Kamau, S.; Belanche, A.; Davies, T.; Rees Stevens, P.; Humphreys, M.; Kingston-Smith, A.H.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Protect thy host: Pf4 phages shield Pseudomonas aeruginosa from antibiotics
Environmental Microbiology 
Wettstadt, S.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Using dried orange pulp in the diet of dairy goats: Effects on milk yield and composition and blood parameters of dams and growth performance and carcass quality of kids
Guzmán, J.L.; Perez-Ecija, A.; Zarazaga, L.A.; Martín-García, A.I.; Horcada, A.; Delgado-Pertíñez, M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Foraging strategy of a carnivorous-insectivorous raptor species based on prey size, capturability and nutritional components
Scientific Reports 
Fargallo, J.A.; Navarro-López, J.; Palma-Granados, P.; Nieto, R.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

A meta-analysis describing the effects of the essential oils blend agolin ruminant on performance, rumen fermentation and methane emissions in dairy cows
Belanche, A.; Newbold, C.J.; Morgavi, D.P.; Bach, A.; Zweifel, B.; Yáñez-Ruiz, D.R.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Inoculation of bacterial consortium increases rice yield (Oryza sativa L.) reducing applications of nitrogen fertilizer in San Martin region, Peru
Ríos-Ruiz, W.F.; Torres-Chávez, E.E.; Torres-Delgado, J.; Rojas-García, J.C.; Bedmar, E.J.; Valdez-Nuñez, R.A.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Plant growth promotion by Pseudomonas putida KT2440 under saline stress: role of eptA
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 
Costa-Gutierrez, S.B.; Lami, M.J.; Santo, M.C.C.D.; Zenoff, A.M.; Vincent, P.A.; Molina-Henares, M.A.; Espinosa-Urgel, M.; de Cristóbal, R.E.. (2020). [Volumen: 104 - Páginas: 4577. 4592]

Effect of season on chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of six native forage shrubs species grazed by goats in protected areas in canary islands, Spain
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 
Flores, M.P.; Robles, A.B.; Rodríguez, R.; Ventura, M.R.; Caravaca, F.P.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Inoculation with rumen fluid in early life as a strategy to optimize the weaning process in intensive dairy goat systems
Journal of Dairy Science 
Belanche, A.; Palma-Hidalgo, J.M.; Nejjam, I.; Jiménez, E.; Martín-García, A.I.; Yáñez-Ruiz, D.R.. (2020). [Volumen: 103 - Páginas: 5047. 5060]

Death in a sphere: Chromobacterium violaceum secretes outer membrane vesicles filled with antibiotics
Environmental Microbiology Reports 
Wettstadt, S.. (2020). [Volumen: 12 - Páginas: 255. 257]

Exogenous strigolactones impact metabolic profiles and phosphate starvation signalling in roots
Plant, Cell and Environment 
Gamir, J.; Torres-Vera, R.; Rial, C.; Berrio, E.; de Souza Campos, P.M.; Varela, R.M.; Macías, F.A.; Pozo, M.J.; Flors, V.; López-Ráez, J.A.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

H2S signaling in plants and applications in agriculture
Journal of Advanced Research 
Corpas, F.J.; Palma, J.M.. (2020). [Volumen: 24 - Páginas: 131. 137]

Archaeospora europaea, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus from France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, with a key to the archaeosporaceae species
Oehl, F.; Sanchez-Castro, I.; Santos, V.M.; Silva, G.A.D.; Palenzuela, J.. (2020). [Volumen: 71 - Páginas: 129. 137]

Biodegradation and absorption technology for hydrocarbon-polluted water treatment
Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 
Rodríguez-Calvo, A.; Silva-Castro, G.A.; Olicón-Hernández, D.R.; González-López, J.; Calvo, C.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Riboregulation in nitrogen-fixing endosymbiotic bacteria
Robledo, M.; García-Tomsig, N.I.; Jiménez-Zurdo, J.I.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Tomato root transformation followed by inoculation with ralstonia solanacearum for straightforward genetic analysis of bacterial wilt disease
Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE 
Morcillo, R.J.L.; Zhao, A.; Tamayo-Navarrete, M.I.; García-Garrido, J.M.; Macho, A.P.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Full Transcriptomic Response of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to an Inulin-Derived Fructooligosaccharide
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Rubio-Gómez, J.M.; Santiago, C.M.; Udaondo, Z.; Garitaonaindia, M.T.; Krell, T.; Ramos, J.L.; Daddaoua, A.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Elucidating the possible involvement of maize aquaporins in the plant boron transport and homeostasis mediated by rhizophagus irregularis under drought stress conditions
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 
Quiroga, G.; Erice, G.; Aroca, R.; Ruiz-Lozano, J.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Effect of Dry Olive Residue–Based Biochar and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculation on the Nutrient Status and Trace Element Contents in Wheat Grown in the As-, Cd-, Pb-, and Zn-Contaminated Soils
Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 
Vejvodová, K.; Száková, J.; García-Sánchez, M.; Praus, L.; Romera, I.G.; Tlustoš, P.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Manipulating the type VI secretion system spike to shuttle passenger proteins
Wettstadt, S.; Filloux, A.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

The extracytoplasmic function sigma factor σVreI is active during infection and contributes to phosphate starvation-induced virulence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Scientific Reports 
Otero-Asman, J.R.; Quesada, J.M.; Jim, K.K.; Ocampo-Sosa, A.; Civantos, C.; Bitter, W.; Llamas, M.A.. (2020). [Volumen: 10 - Páginas: . ]

Copper and Melanin Play a Role in Myxococcus xanthus Predation on Sinorhizobium meliloti
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Contreras-Moreno, F.J.; Muñoz-Dorado, J.; García-Tomsig, N.I.; Martínez-Navajas, G.; Pérez, J.; Moraleda-Muñoz, A.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Occurrence and 15N-quantification of simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in N-fertilised soils incubated under oxygen-limiting conditions
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 
Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; Charteris, A.F.; Müller, C.; Jansen-Willems, A.; González-López, J.; Bedmar, E.J.; Carrillo, P.; Cárdenas, L.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization on cadmium-mediated oxidative stress in Glycine max (L.) Merr.
Molina, A.S.; Lugo, M.A.; Pérez Chaca, M.V.; Vargas-Gil, S.; Zirulnik, F.; Leporati, J.; Ferrol, N.; Azcón-Aguilar, C.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Linking belowground microbial network changes to different tolerance level towards Verticillium wilt of olive
Fernández-González, A.J.; Cardoni, M.; Gómez-Lama Cabanás, C.; Valverde-Corredor, A.; Villadas, P.J.; Fernández-López, M.; Mercado-Blanco, J.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Dietary supplemental plant oils reduce methanogenesis from anaerobic microbial fermentation in the rumen
Scientific Reports 
Vargas, J.E.; Andrés, S.; López-Ferreras, L.; Snelling, T.J.; Yáñez-Ruíz, D.R.; García-Estrada, C.; López, S.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Irrigation and tillage effects on soil nitrous oxide emissions in maize monoculture
Agronomy Journal 
Franco-Luesma, S.; Cavero, J.; Plaza-Bonilla, D.; Cantero-Martínez, C.; Tortosa, G.; Bedmar, E.J.; Álvaro-Fuentes, J.. (2020). [Volumen: 112 - Páginas: 56. 71]

Elucidating the possible involvement of maize aquaporins and arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in the plant ammonium and urea transport under drought stress conditions
Quiroga, G.; Erice, G.; Aroca, R.; Delgado-Huertas, A.; Ruiz-Lozano, J.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

The Hemoglobin Bjgb From Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens Controls NO Homeostasis in Soybean Nodules to Protect Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation
Frontiers in Microbiology 
Salas, A.; Tortosa, G.; Hidalgo-García, A.; Delgado, A.; Bedmar, E.J.; Richardson, D.J.; Gates, A.J.; Delgado, M.J.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

How bacterial chemoreceptors evolve novel ligand specificities
Gavira, J.A.; Gumerov, V.M.; Rico-Jiménez, M.; Petukh, M.; Upadhyay, A.A.; Ortega, A.; Matilla, M.A.; Zhulin, I.B.; Krell, T.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Deletion of the N-terminal domain of the yeast vacuolar (Na+,K+)/H+ antiporter Vnx1p improves salt tolerance in yeast and transgenic Arabidopsis
Cagnac, O.; Baghour, M.; Jaime-Pérez, N.; Aranda-Sicilia, M.N.; Sánchez-Romero, M.E.; Rodríguez-Rosales, M.P.; Venema, K.. (2020). [Volumen: 37 - Páginas: 173. 185]

Glutathione redox state plays a key role in flower development and pollen vigour
Journal of Experimental Botany 
García-Quirós, E.; Alché, J.D.D.; Karpinska, B.; Foyer, C.H.; Wilson, Z.. (2020). [Volumen: 71 - Páginas: 730. 741]

Dietary legumes, intestinal microbiota, inflammation and colorectal cancer
Journal of Functional Foods 
Aranda-Olmedo, I.; Rubio, L.A.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Efficiency of two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal inocula to improve saline stress tolerance in lettuce plants by changes of antioxidant defense mechanisms
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 
Santander, C.; Ruiz, A.; García, S.; Aroca, R.; Cumming, J.; Cornejo, P.. (2020). [Volumen: 100 - Páginas: 1577. 1587]

Low endogenous NO levels in roots and antioxidant systems are determinants for the resistance of Arabidopsis seedlings grown in Cd
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987) 
Terrón-Camero, L.C.; del Val, C.; Sandalio, L.M.; Romero-Puertas, M.C.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

A research and technology valuation model for decision analysis in the environmental and renewable energy sectors
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 
Valdivia, M.; Galan, J.L.; Laffarga, J.; Ramos, J.L.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Complete genome sequence of Sinorhizobium meliloti strain AK21, a salt-tolerant isolate from the aral sea region
Microbiology Resource Announcements 
Jiménez-Zurdo, J.I.; Martínez-Abarca, F.; Cobo-Díaz, J.F.; López-Contreras, J.A.; Fernández-López, M.; Toro, N.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Effect of urease and nitrification inhibitors on ammonia volatilization and abundance of N-cycling genes in an agricultural soil
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 
Castellano-Hinojosa, A.; González-López, J.; Vallejo, A.; Bedmar, E.J.. (2020). [Volumen: 183 - Páginas: 99. 109]

Breaking free from home: biofilm dispersal by a glycosidase from Desulfovibrio vulgaris
Environmental Microbiology 
Wettstadt, S.. (2020). [Volumen: 22 - Páginas: 557. 558]

Uptake and transformation of decabromodiphenyl ether in different rice cultivars: Evidence from a carbon-14 study
Science of the Total Environment 
Zhao, P.; Ye, Q.; Yu, K.; Whalen, J.K.; Rajesh Kumar, R.; Cheng, X.; Delgado-Moreno, L.; Wang, W.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

High-quality genome-scale metabolic modelling of Pseudomonas putida highlights its broad metabolic capabilities
Environmental Microbiology 
Nogales, J.; Mueller, J.; Gudmundsson, S.; Canalejo, F.J.; Duque, E.; Monk, J; Feist, AM; Ramos, J.L.; Niu, W; Palsson, BO. (2020). [Volumen: 22 - Páginas: 255. 269]

Microvirga sp. symbiovar mediterranense nodulates Lupinus cosentinii grown wild in Morocco
Journal of Applied Microbiology 
Missbah El Idrissi, M.; Lamin, H.; ElFaik, S.; Tortosa, G.; Peix, A.; Bedmar, E.J.; Abdelmoumen, H.. (2020). [Volumen: 128 - Páginas: 1109. 1118]

Antihypertensive effects of virgin olive oil (Unfiltered) low molecular weight peptides with ace inhibitory activity in spontaneously hypertensive rats
Alcaide-Hidalgo, J.M.; Romero, M.; Duarte, J.; López-huertas, E.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Metagenomic analyses uncover the differential effect of azide treatment on bacterial community structure by enriching a specific Cyanobacteria present in a saline-alkaline environmental sample
International Microbiology 
Aguirre-Garrido, J.F.; Martínez-Abarca, F.; Montiel-Lugo, D.; Hernández-Soto, L.M.; Ramírez-Saad, H.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Radial water transport in arbuscular mycorrhizal maize plants under drought stress conditions is affected by indole-acetic acid (IAA) application
Journal of Plant Physiology 
Quiroga, G.; Erice, G.; Aroca, R.; Zamarreño, Á.M.; García-Mina, J.M.; Ruiz-Lozano, J.M.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Ruminal fermentation, growth rate and methane production in sheep fed diets including white clover, soybean meal or Porphyra sp.
Lind, V.; Weisbjerg, M.R.; Jørgensen, G.M.; Fernandez-Yepes, J.E.; Arbesú, L.; Molina-Alcaide, E.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Narrow-leafed lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.) seeds gamma-conglutin is an anti-inflammatory protein promoting insulin resistance improvement and oxidative stress amelioration in PANC-1 pancreatic cell-line
Lima-Cabello, E.; Alché, J.D.; Morales-Santana, S.; Clemente, A.; Jimenez-Lopez, J.C.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Showing their mettle: extraradical mycelia of arbuscular mycorrhizae form a metal filter to improve host Al tolerance and P nutrition
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 
Seguel, A.; Meier, F.; Azcón, R.; Valentine, A.; Meriño-Gergichevich, C.; Cornejo, P.; Aguilera, P.; Borie, F.. (2020). [Volumen: 100 - Páginas: 803. 810]

Characterization of the bacteriocins and the PrtR regulator in a plant-associated Pseudomonas strain
Journal of Biotechnology 
Fernández, M.C.; Godino, A.; Príncipe, A.; López Ramírez, V.; Quesada, J.M.; Rigo, V.; Espinosa-Urgel, M.; Morales, G.M.; Fischer, S.. (2020). [Volumen: 307 - Páginas: 182. 192]

Exploring the effect of composting technologies on the recovery of hydrocarbon contaminated soil post chemical oxidative treatment
Applied Soil Ecology 
Medina, R.; Fernández-González, A.J.; García-Rodríguez, F.M.; Villadas, P.J.; Rosso, J.A.; Fernández-López, M.; Del Panno, M.T.. (2020). [Volumen: - Páginas: . ]

Chemical fertilization: a short-term solution for plant productivity?
Microbial Biotechnology 
Molina-Santiago, C.; Matilla, M.A.. (2020). [Volumen: - - Páginas: -. ]

Recommendations on terminology and experimental best practice associated with plant nitric oxide research
New Phytologist 
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Expression analysis and functional characterization of two PHT1 family phosphate transporters in ryegrass
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