Últimas Publicaciones EEZ-CSIC

Assessing bacterial diversity in the rhizosphere of Thymus zygis growing in the Sierra Nevada National Park (Spain) through culture-dependent and independent approaches - 2016
Pascual, J.; Blanco, S.; García-López, M.; García-Salamanca, A.; Bursakov, S.A.; Genilloud, O.; Ramos, J.L.; van Dillewijn, P.

Greenhouse-gas mitigation potential of agro-industrial by-products in the diet of dairy goats in Spain: a life-cycle perspective - 2016
Animal Production Science
Pardo, G.; Martín-García, I.; Arco, A.; Yáñez-Ruiz, D.R.; Moral, R.; del Prado, A.

Characterization of goat colostrum oligosaccharides by nano-liquid chromatography on chip quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry and hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-quadrupole mass spectrometry - 2016
Journal of Chromatography A
Martín-Ortiz, A.; Salcedo, J.; Barile, D.; Bunyatratchata, A.; Moreno, F.J.; Martín-García, I.; Clemente, A.; Sanz, M.L.; Ruiz-Matute, A.I.

Changes in volatile compounds of Dittrichia viscosa caused by the attack of the gall-forming diptean Myopites stylatus - 2016
Industrial Crops and Products
Santos, S.A.P.; Mota, L.; Malheiro, R.; Silva, F.; Campos, M.; Guedes de Pinho, P.; Pereira, J.A.

Contribution of portal-drained viscera to heat production in Iberian gilts fed a low protein diet: comparison to Landrace - 2016
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Fernández-Fígares, I.; Lachica, M.; González-Valero, L.

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