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Viaje al Interior de una Célula Vegetal
Viaje al Interior de una Célula Vegetal

EEZ-CSIC Latest Publications

Quantitative determination of active Bowman-Birk isoinhibitors, IBB1 and IBBD2, in commercial soymilks - 2014
Food Chemistry
Arques, M.C.; Marín-Manzano, M.C.; Brito da Rocha, L.C.; Hernández-Ledesma, B.; Recio, I.; Clemente, A.

Assessing the impact of biotransformed dry olive residue application to soil: Effects on enzyme activities and fungal community - 2014
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation
Siles, J.A.; Pérez-Mendoza, D.; Ibáñez, J.A.; Scervino, J.M.; Ocampo, J.A.; García-Romera, I.; Sampedro, I.

Microbial inoculants and organic amendment improves plant establishment and soil rehabilitation under semiarid conditions - 2014
Journal of Environmental Management
Mengual, C.; Schoebitz, M.; Azcón, R.; Roldán, A.

Epigenetic changes accompany developmental programmed cell death in tapetum cells - 2014
Plant and Cell Physiology
Solís, M.-T.; Chakrabarti, N.; Corredor, E.; Cortés-Eslava, J.; Rodríguez-Serrano, M.; Biggiogera, M.; Risueño, M.C.; Testillano, P.S.

Dietary carbohydrate composition modifies the milk N efficiency in late lactation cows fed low crude protein diets - 2014
Cantalapiedra-Hijar, G.; Peyraud, J.L.; Lemosquet, S.; Molina-Alcaide, E.; Boudra, H.; Nozière, P.; Ortigues-Marty, I.

Oral administration of cobalt acetate alters milk fatty acid composition, consistent with an inhibition of stearoyl-coenzyme A desaturase in lactating ewes - 2014
Journal of Dairy Science
Frutos, P.; Toral, P.G.; Ramos-Morales, E.; Shingfield, K.J.; Belenguer, A.; Hervás, G.

A preliminary proposal for the clustering of olive pollens into model cultivars on the basis of their allergenic content - 2013
Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Marco, F.M.; Morales, S.; Castro, A.J.; Salmerón, C.; Rodríguez-García, M.I.; Alché, J.D.

Protein S-nitrosylation in plants under abiotic stress: an overview - 2013
Frontiers in Plant Science
Romero-Puertas, M.C.; Rodríguez-Serrano, M.; Sandalio, L.M.

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