Últimas Publicaciones EEZ-CSIC

Pesticide Dissipation and Enzyme Activities in Ungrassed and Grassed Biomixtures, Composed of Winery Wastes, Used in Biobed Bioremediation Systems
Water, Air and Soil Pollution 230, 33 (2019)
Romero, E., Delgado-Moreno, L., Nogales, R.

In vitro assessment of the factors that determine the activity of the rumen microbiota for further applications as inoculum
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 99, 163-172 (2019)
Belanche, A., Palma-Hidalgo, J.M., Nejjam, I., Serrano, S., Jimenez, E., Martín-García, I., Yañez-Ruiz, D.R.

Recognition of dominant attractants by key chemoreceptors mediates recruitment of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria
Environmental Microbiology 21, 402-415 (2019)
Feng, H.C., Zhang, N., Fu. R.X., Liu, Y.P., Krell, T., Du, W.B., Shao, J.H., Shen, Q.R., Zhang, R.F.

Enhancing laccase production by white-rot fungus Funalia floccosa LPSC 232 in co-culture with Penicillium commune GHAIE86
Folia Microbiologica 64, 91-99 (2019)
Rodríguez, R.D., Heredia, G., Siles, J.A., Jurado, M., Saparrat, M.C.N., García-Romera, I., Sampedro, I.

Suppression of UV-B stress induced flavonoids by biotic stress: Is there reciprocal crosstalk?
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 134, 53-63 (2019)
Schenke, D., Utami, H.P., Zhou, Z., Gallegos, M.T., Cai, D.G.

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