Últimas Publicaciones EEZ-CSIC

Long-term no-tillage application increases soil organic carbon, nitrous oxide emissions and faba bean (Vicia faba L.) yields under rain-fed Mediterranean conditions
Science of the Total Environment 639, 350-359 (2018)
Badagliacca, G., Benitez, E., Amato, G., Badalucco, L., Giambalvo, D., Laudicina, V.A., Ruisi, P.

Effects of vegetation management intensity on biodiversity and ecosystem services in vineyards: A meta-analysis
Journal of Applied Ecology 55, 2484-2495 (2018)
Winter, S., Bauer, T., Strauss, P., Kratschmer, S., Paredes, D., Popescu, D., Landa, B., Guzmán, G., Gómez, J.A., Guernion, M., Zaller, J.G., Batary, P.

Root exudates from citrus plants subjected to abiotic stress conditions have a positive effect on rhizobacteria
Journal of Plant Physiology 228, 208-217 (2018)
Vives-Peris, V., Molina, L., Segura, A., Gómez-Cadenas, A., Pérez-Clemente, R.

Crop pests and predators exhibit inconsistent responses to surrounding landscape composition
Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115, E7863-E7870 (2018)
Karp, D.S., Chaplin-Kramer, R., Meehan, T.D., and 134 authors.

The sycamore maple bacterial culture collection from a TNT polluted site shows novel plant-growth promoting and explosives degrading bacteria
Frontiers in Plant Science 9, 1134 (2018)
Thijs, S., Sillen, W., Truyens, S., Beckers, B., van Hamme, J., van Dillewijn, P., Samyn, P., Carleer, R., Weyens, N., Vangronsveld, J.

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