Últimas Publicaciones EEZ-CSIC

The cover crop determines the AMF community composition in soil and in roots of maize after a ten-year continuous crop rotation
Science of the Total Environment 660, 913-922 (2019)
Hontoria, C., García-Gonzaález, I., Quemada, M., Roldán, A., Alguacil, M.M.

Short- and long-term effects of conventional and artificial rearing strategies on the health and performance of growing lambs
Animal 13, 740-749 (2019)
Belanche, A., Cooke, J., Jones, E., Worgan, H.J., Newbold, C.J.

Rhizobial symbiosis modifies root hydraulic properties in bean plants under non-stressed and salinity-stressed conditions
Planta 249, 1207-1215 (2019)
Franzini, V.I., Azcón, R., Ruiz-Lozano. J.M., Aroca, R.

Meat quality traits in longissimus lumborum and gluteus medius muscles from immunocastrated and surgically castrated Iberian pigs
Meat Science 150, 77-84 (2019)
Seiquer, I., Palma-Granados, P., Haro, A., Lara, L., Lachica, M., Fernández-Fígares, I., Nieto, R.

Identification and Expression Analysis of GRAS Transcription Factor Genes Involved in the Control of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Development in Tomato
Frontiers in Plant Sciences 10, 268 (2019)
Ho-Plagaro, T., Molinero-Rosales, N., Flores, D.F., Días, M.V., García-Garrido, J.M.

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