Curso de Edafologí, Fertilidad de Suelos y Biologí Vegetal

EEZ-CSIC Latest Publications

Thermal imaging for plant stress detection and phenotyping
Remote Sensing 13: 1-21 (2021)
Pineda M, Barón M, Pérez-Bueno ML.

DLK2 regulates arbuscule hyphal branching during arbuscular mycorrhizal simbiosis
New Phytologist 229: 548-562 (2021)
Ho-Plágaro T, Morcillo RJL, Tamayo-Navarrete MI, Huertas R, Molinero-Rosales N, López-Ráez JA, Macho AP, García-Garrido JM.

New insights into the efficient removal of emerging contaminants by biochars and hydrochars derived from olive oil wastes
Science of the Total Environment 752: Article number 141838 (2021)
Delgado-Moreno L, Bazhari S, Gasco G, Méndez A, El Azzouzi M, Romero E.

Enteric methane production in adult sheep of the Segureña breed fed diets containing alkali-treated olive cake
Small Ruminant Research 194, Article number 106295 (2021)
Aguilera JF, Molina-Alcaide E.

Roots drive oligogalacturonide-induced systemic immunity in tomato
Plant Cell and Environment 44: 275-289 (2021)
Gamir J, Minchev Z, Berrio E, García JM, de Lorenzo G, Pozo MJ.

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