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The initially named Greenhouse Service (GS) initiated its activities under the 2005/09 Strategic Plan, by constructing new greenhouses in the area occupied by old ones. This initiative centralized the use of the greenhouses, which came into communal use within the centre. The service is regulated by several rules of use that were agreed by consensus in an EEZ scientific senate meeting held at the centre on 26 September 2005.
The service consists of 10 units numbered 1-10 located between the Yellow House and the Red House of the EEZ. Each unit consists of a greenhouse and a small area for storage and handling the materials needed to grow plants: substrates, plastic, weighing scales, etc. In the greenhouse area there are 2-3 platforms to place the plants and additional lamps to provide artificial light. The polycarbon platforms used to place the plants have recently been replaced by stronger ones made of aluminium. 

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The facilities are also equipped to set hydroponic cultures in greenhouses 1, 2 and 3 are, a balance in greenhouse 8, a pH meter in greenhouse 9 and a water purification system in greenhouse 2. Each greenhouse is independent and so plants can be cultivated under 10 different growing conditions. In the other hand, since September 2007, three growth chambers which belong to the EEZ but were managed independently from the GS, were integrated in this service, what became as the Greenhouse and Growth Chamber Service (GGCS). These growth chambers consist of two platforms each subdivided into five 90x60-cm trays, used to place the plants.

The GGCS serves a large number of EEZ researchers, enabling them to cultivate plants under controlled conditions, thus meeting the aims of the centre's scientists. At present, the scientific and technical management and use have consolidated this service as one of the most exploited at the EEZ.
The service allows the use of the greenhouses to external customers, but taking into account that the external occupancy should not overpass more than 10% total facilities.

Terms of Use of the greenhouses [Spanish] (PDF)
Terms of Use of growth chambers [Spanish] (PDF)