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The elemental analysis service Nitrogen / Carbon, located at the Institute of Animal Nutrition (INAN-EEZ), to determine quantitatively within minutes the total content of nitrogen and carbon in a variety of matrices: soil, forage and animal tissues plant, excreta and in virtually any sample that can be presented in a uniform manner.

Have to do with an elemental analyzer Leco TruSpec CN, which analyzes the N present in the sample to the method Dumas complete combustion of the sample at 950 ° C in the presence of oxygen, reducing nitrogen oxides formed into molecular nitrogen and detection this one with a thermal conductivity detector. Measured as carbon dioxide (from the combustion of the sample) by an infrared detector. Quantification was performed with certified reference standards with different concentrations of nitrogen and carbon.

The final result is expressed as percentage of N and C in the total mass analyzed 

Servicio de Análisis de Nitrógeno y Carbono

Service Technician is responsible for Rafael Hueso Ibéñez (